About Me

I am a self described nature enthusiast with a passion for pollination ecology and the role of pollinators in the environmental context. I live in Southern Oregon. My passions grow and evolve over time. In my twenties I was a dj, then taught myself how to build furniture (see table below), began to learn the ways of plants, then pollinators. All the while, teaching myself how to take pictures and write about what I see. Always a work in progress, much yet to learn, perpetual amateurism. I also dabble in art and philosophy in my non existent free time.

My day job, currently, is as a commercial beekeeper for an established queen breeder. I also have two young daughters. The fact that I can ever make the time to update this website is nothing short of a miracle (oh by the way, I'm a stout atheist).

I don't do a lot of self portraits so enjoy this while you can. That time when I had an awesome mustache.

A custom James Krenov-inspired sofa table


Here is a [very brief] list of some of the projects I've contributed to via my writing or photography. I dream for this list to expand.

"Narcissus Polination Ecology." The Bulb Garden 13.2 (2015) Pacific Bulb Society
"Book Review: Flora of Oregon Volume 1." The Rock Garden 137 (2016): 107. SRGC
"Native Bees of Southern Oregon (2016)." International Rock Gardener 83 (2016) SRGC ISSN 2053-7557