About Me

I live in semi-rural Rogue River, Oregon with my wife Anna and daughters Zia and baby Ayla. We have a large garden, chickens, a few beehives, and a host of wild animals whose goal is to give me reality checks on occasion through some sort of act of destruction. Besides this website and the subject of anthecology (and all it entails), I am a self-taught woodworker and photographer. Anna is an animal lover, caring less about the plants and does not understand my obsession with flowers and gardening. Zia loves everything, she loves life in all it's forms, and occasionally tries to step on it. Ayla drools a lot, so I call her Drippy.

I don't do a lot of self portraits so enjoy this while you can. Me when I had my awesome mustache.
My lovely ladies ❤
When I was a young man, maybe fifteen years old, I was diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). It was a result of an unstable upbringing which involved abuse, drug use, and a lot of moving. I was hesitant to share this here due to the stigma surrounding mental illness, but I'm doing it anyway because there are so many out there that have the added life challenge of a non-ideal mental condition. If a leg can break or an organ can become diseased resulting in sympathy from others (even if it's unwanted), why is the brain an exception? Is the brain not another organ, equivalently susceptible to disease and abnormality? Let's do away with the stigma of mental illness.

A custom James Krenov-inspired sofa table I built


Here is a [very brief] list of some of the projects I've contributed to via my writing or photography. I dream for this list to expand.

"Narcissus Polination Ecology." The Bulb Garden 13.2 (2015) Pacific Bulb Society
"Book Review: Flora of Oregon Volume 1." The Rock Garden 137 (2016): 107. SRGC